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  Some our Products.

Spruce/pine/lime-tree wood finger-joints:Fichte FJ

Thickness:         on request
Width:               on request

The basic material from big logs is discharged of defects, like big knots, resin pockets, shakes, than it is finger-jointed and the result is knotless..

Jointed panels in spruce/pine/lime-tree wood:
Spruce, Larch, Pine.

Thickness:          on request
Width:                 450 mm (600-1200)

Knotless material on one face, finger-jointed lamellas.

CE Larch straight glulam beams:

Base: 10-12-14-16-18-20,5 cm
Height: max 60 cm
33mm finger-jointed lamellas, MF + PUR gluing according to CE standards.

Roofs, verandas, garden fitting outs.
We make a choice: we don’t produce spruce.
Of course larch is expensive than spruce but larch is extremely valuable material, including special durability and resistance to extreme external influences.
We give some more…... .


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